What's your favourite character, monster or boss from Final Fantasy?

Malboro from Final Fantasy XIV

Malboro from Final Fantasy XIV

I'm glad to see that Malboro, my all-time favourite non-boss monster, has been given a beautiful face lift for Final Fantasy XIV. I can never forget its breath with the deadly confuse spell.

What's your favourite monster, boss or character from the Final Fantasy series?



Malboro is one of my

Malboro is one of my favourite monsters, especially when you can learn it's abilities. Bad breath is very useful when it's not being used against you!

Favourite Boss has to be the Weapons from FFVII. Basically if you can beat them all, the rest of the game is a push-over. :)

Favourite Character in terms of design is Auron (He just looks badass), but favourite character for gameplay would be the Blue mage class in FF Tactics.

Malboro always made me had a

Malboro always made me had a bad time!
I always loved the fact that it shares it's name with a cigar brand, tho! (:

I love the Coeurl & Behemoth (FFX) in terms of monsters.
As in characters, i must say i fell in love with Auron too! Design and personality wise<3

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