Review: Arrtx OROS alcohol markers

I bought some Arrtx OROS alcohol markers recently to test the new bleed-proof Ohuhu marker pads (150gsm).

Arrtx sells two series of markers. OROS features chisel and brush tips. ALP features chisel and fine point.

These Arrtx alcohol markers are really affordable. I bought mine for around SGD 2 each (~USD 1.50).

The markers are only sold as sets. The largest set has 90 colours. Individual markers are not available for sale, and there are no ink refills.

The markers are quite thick which hopefully means they hold lots of ink. The triangular body is comfortable to hold and will not roll off the table.

Colour code can be found on both caps. The caps cannot be posted.

This is the brush tip.

This is the chisel tip.

These are the colour swatches from the warm gray colour set I bought. I didn't buy the colour set as I don't use markers that often, but sometimes I will create tonal studies and gray markers are great for those.

Alcohol inks are not lightfast so they will fade when exposed to light for long periods of time. Colour fading is not really an issue if you're using a sketchbook. If you want to create display art with markers, I highly recommend you scan your work or original.

Since I did not buy the coloured markers, I can't say how vibrant the more colourful colours are.

The Ohuhu marker pad (150gsm) paper I tested on worked really well with alcohol ink. The markers have good ink flow, and the colours are able to blend smoothly and easily.

Here's a quick sketch I draw with ink, coloured with the markers. There are no issues.

I used white gel pen over the alcohol ink.

Here's another sketch drawn with ink, coloured with the markers. I was able to layer multiple times without issues.

Nowadays, it's so easy to find affordable alcohol markers with decent quality and these Arrtx ones are quite good. The downsides or limitations are the limited range of colours compared to other brands, individual markers are not available, and there are no ink refills.

I can recommend these markers easily. They are worth the money.


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