Sultan Mosque & St Joseph Church sketch

These are two early sketches from 2016. They were drawn on location but colours were added at home because I forgot to bring my watercolour brush. So now I'll have to make sure that there's always a watercolour brush in my bag at all times.

I've just started to use the Strathmore 500 series Mixed Media sketchbook. It's an interesting sketchbook in the sense that it uses 100% cotton paper but however it's not watercolour paper. So adding watercolour on it feels like I'm working on cartridge paper. However, because of the cotton content and the 190gsm weight, there's no buckling of the paper. Colours turn out quite vibrant. I just wished that the paper was more absorbant. But overall, a really high quality sketchbook.

Here are the videos I created for the two sketches.

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